Air Purifiers

Hycanx Air Purifiers l HEPA Filter + UVC

Hycanx Hepa + UVC Air Purifier offers a safe and accurate solution to neutralize viruses, bacteria and other harmful particles in the air with its specifically-designed 4-stage filtration & UV disinfection system. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, managing indoor air pollution has become even more important. Having both a HEPA filter and UV light (photocatalytic filter) technology among its built-in 4-stage filters, Hycanx Hepa + UVC Air Purifier provides one of the most effective air purification systems in the market as the HEPA filter removes 99.97% of particles at 0.3 microns or higher, and UV lights can effectively inactivate airborne microbes and help disinfect the air in indoor settings.

Hycanx Hepa + UVC Air Purifier is designed for all indoor environments that require ultra-silent mode such as offices, schools, residents, public institutions, hospital – hotel rooms.

*Based on the area and purpose of use, ‘floor stand (portable)’ and ‘wall-mount’ unit options are available.

The square footage of the indoor space and the level of air pollution are main factors while deciding the right size and capacity air purifiers.

Hycanx Air Purifiers come in 3 sizes and models: Hycanx Hepa + UVC Air Purifier – 250 m³/h, Hycanx Hepa + UVC Air Purifier – 700 m³/h, Hycanx Hepa + UVC Air Purifier- 1600 m³/h

Hycanx Air Purifiers

Primary G2 Filter

It provides pre-filtration that retains coarse dust and particles. Average gravimetric efficiency is 70% and dust holding capacity is 300 g/m³.

Activate Carbon Filter

It can effectively absorb formaldehyde, TVOC, benzene and other harmful substances in the air, and eliminate indoor odors.

Photocatalytic Filter

UVC light activates the photocatalytic materials (deoxygenation oxide) on the filter, and causes the formation of germicidal ion groups rapidly. The oxidizing and ion particles provide the decomposition of harmful gases and indoor odors. In addition, this chemical reaction contributes to the inactivation of viruses and bacteria.

Hepa Filter Grade H13

H13 class HEPA technology with advanced air filtration capability and filtration level up to PM0.3. Particle removal effectiveness (e.g. 99.97% at 0.3 microns and above).

Maximum Virus Disinfection with UV-C Lamp

Ultraviolet (UV-C) purification is one of the most effective methods for cleaning the air of biological contaminants such as bacteria, viruses and fungal spores. UV germicidal lamps can be installed to ventilation ducts to clean the air that flows through them. UV air purification technology in Hycanx Hepa + UVC Air Purifier works in tandem with other built-in filtration systems (4-stage filtration) and provides virus disinfecton at the highest efficiency and reliability.

How UV-C lamps Work

UV-C radiation has a photolytic effect on DNA. Microorganisms such as bacteria, mold, yeast and virus cannot multiply under the effect of UVC (Figure 1). The disinfection effect is achieved at wavelengths below 320 nm and at maximum level at 260 nm. Germicidal lamps, which emit light at 254 nm (approximately 85% of the maximum efficiency), do not contain ozone.

Air Purifiers: Ozone-Free lamps

Major lines in the spectrum are 254 nm and 185 nm. Ultraviolet light with a wavelength of less than 240 nm produces ozone. High energy radiation below 240 nm can pass through quartz. If ozone is not required, special glass or suitable quartz types are used. They are transparent to radiation that kills microorganisms but do not allow ozone-producing radiation to pass (Figure2).