Disinfectant Gate

Hycanx Disinfectant Gate

Hycanx Disinfectant Gates offer a fast and economical solution for human disinfection in public areas such as workplaces, factories, supermarkets, restaurants, shopping malls, and institutions. Standard package includes a touchless infrared thermometer and a touchless automatic hand sanitizer unit (with 5 liters capacity).

Infrared thermometer is a compact, touchless thermometer, specifically designed to safely test the body temperature. Due to its non-contact nature, the infrared thermometer technology is the most reliable and accurate body temperature test capability during the pandemic as there is no need for manual human interference. Hycanx infrared thermometer detects body temperature from either the forehead or the wrist, and it gives temperature readings with a +/- 0.2 accuracy rate.

Hycanx Touchless Automatic Hand Sanitizer provides touchless disinfection with maximum safety. It is easy to fill & use, and prevents waste of disinfectant with its smart technology and adjustable spray nozzle.

Hycanx touchless and infrared technologies eliminate any risk of contact during regular body temperature tests in public areas.

Areas of Use

The system can be used in the below areas:

  • Schools and Universities
  • Business Centers
  • Factories
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping Centers
  • Public and private businesses
  • Indoor and outdoor sports halls

Hycanx Disinfectant Gates

Optional Product Features that can be added to the Sanitation Gates:

SMS Notification/Alert Technology over Automatic Hand Sanitizer

Automatic Fogging System

Infrared Thermometer with Face Recognition and Face Mask Check

Smart Turnstile System