Disinfectant Gate l Face Recognition and Infrared Mask Control


Disinfection Gate I Face Recognition and Infrared Mask Control

Disinfectant Gate l Face Recognition and Infrared Mask Control

Hycanx Disinfectant Gate offers a fast and economical solution for human disinfection in public areas such as workplaces, factories, supermarkets, restaurants, shopping malls, and institutions. Standard Hycanx Disinfection Gate includes a touchless infrared thermometer and a touchless automatic hand sanitizer unit (5lt).

New generation mask control and body temperature check technologies are offered in Hycanx Health Solutions. An Infrared Thermometer with Face Recognition and Face Mask Control can optionally be added to the Hycanx Disinfection Gate to offer an accurate and efficient mask control, body temperature test, and disinfection without any human interference.

AI-based face recognition is used to check the use of face masks, and measure the body temperature with an infrared thermometer (works only with people wearing face masks). The AI-based system includes image acquisition, face detection, face tracking, face contrast, and human body temperature detection. With the sensitive sensors on the Infrared thermometer, it detects high body temperature, and provides early warning for symptoms of fever.


Width: 1200 mm

Depth: 1000 mm

Height: 2200 mm

Disinfectant Gate: Areas of Use

  • Schools and Universities
  • Business Centers
  • Factories
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping Centers
  • Public and private businesses
  • Indoor and outdoor sports halls

What are the benefits of Face Recognition Thermometer in Disinfection Gate?

  1. Checks if the passing person wears a face mask or not.
  2. If a face mask is detected, a temperature test is done. If the temperature reading is at normal levels, an automatic pass is given.

Face Recognition Thermometer in Disinfection Gate

To ensure health precautions, the infrared thermometer system works only with people wearing a face mask. If a mask is not detected, the thermometer does not provide a temperature reading, and gives audible and visual signals. So, the risk of someone infected and not wearing a mask is eliminated!

Features and Advantages

  • Accurate Temperature Measurement
    Accuracy  ±0.3℃
  • Fast Recognition Speed
    Recognition Speed <300ms / per times
  • Automatic Recording
    Real-time recording of the information on face temperature detection
  • Face Recognition with Masks
    High-precision face recognition rate(>95 % )
  • High Temperature Alarm
    Audible and visual warning signals when the temperature reading is above the normal levels.