Disinfectant Gate l SMS Mobile Notification System


Hycanx Sanitation Gate-  SMS Mobile Notification System

Disinfectant Gate l SMS Mobile Notification System

Hycanx Disinfectant Gate offers a fast and economical solution for human disinfection in public areas such as workplaces, factories, supermarkets, restaurants, shopping malls, and institutions. Standard Hycanx Sanitation Gate includes a touchless infrared thermometer and a touchless automatic hand sanitizer unit (5lt).

An automatic SMS notification/alert technology can optionally be added to the Hycanx Sanitation Gate to take advantage of an intelligent system to control the use of multiple units in places with multiple doors and access points. SMS notification/alert technology is an unique feature of Hycanx Smart Hand Sanitizer dispenser as the technology gives the capability to add 10 phone numbers to the unit, and automated notifications can be set for data and location details. Location information can be retrieved and shared with specific phone numbers to locate each unit, which can be used as a strong limitation for vandalism and theft. The system is designed to send notifications/alerts about the dispenser data and location, especially for application areas such shopping malls, hotels, and places with multiple doors/gates, where multiple units are placed.

Liquid level and usage data can also be sent as SMS notifications and alert messages.

Dimensions of Sanitation Gate 

Width: 1200 mm

Depth: 1000 mm

Height: 2200 mm

Sanitation Gate: Areas of Use

Hycanx Sanitation Gate can be used in schools and universities, business centers, factories, restaurants, shopping centers, public and private businesses, indoor and outdoor sports halls.

Automatic Hand Sanitizer with SMS notification/alert technology

  • High Capacity (5 Liters/10 Liters),
  • Long Lasting Battery Life,
  • 304 Chrome Steel,
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Suitable for commercial, residence, industrial use

Benefits of SMS Notification Feature

  • 10 numbers can be defined in one module
  • When the disinfectant liquid level goes down to 10%, alert messages are sent to the related phone numbers.
  • Location information can be retrieved and shared with related numbers to locate multiple units. Setting location notifications/alerts would help to protect the units from vandalism/theft, and ensure full control of multi-location applications.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and units are not affected by exposure to sunlight, rain, humidity or high temperature.